ON JULY 21st 2017, Swedish rock ‘n’ roll legends, Europe, will share their unique 30th Anniversary performance of The Final Countdown from London’s legendary Roundhouse.
The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show - Live at the Roundhouse celebrates the multi-platinum album’s triple decade success. The band played the album in its sequential entirety at a series of selected cities in 2016, with London’s most historically venerated venue playing host to an exceptionally special night on November 12th 2016, which was captured by Patric Ullaeus from rEvolver Film Company AB.
Preceding the landmark event, fans were also treated to a live performance of Europe’s latest album War of Kings, a release which re-established Europe as one of the top classic rock bands in the world.
“What an awesome night!
It was more enjoyable than we thought to revisit the whole Final Countdown album live! On top of that, to be able to share our whole War Of Kings album with this amazing audience the same night just made this show one of the most memorable nights of our career!”
Joey Tempest / Europe

View the trailer here

Hole In My Pocket

The Second Day

Praise You

Nothin' To Ya

California 405

Angels (With Broken Hearts)

Days Of Rock N' Roll

Children Of The Mind

Rainbow Bridge


Light It Up

War of Kings

The Final Countdown

Rock The Night


Danger On The Track



Time Has Come

Heart Of Stone

On The Loose

Love Chaser

The Final Countdown (Reprise)

Produced & Directed by Patric Ullaeus
rEvolver Film Company AB

“As The Stages Burn!” will be available as Ltd. Deluxe CD+DVD+Blu-ray Box Set, Special Edition CD+DVD Digipak, Gatefold 2LP+DVD and as digital album. The full Wacken 2016 show was recorded with 14 cameras, produced and directed by Patric Ullaeus. The audio was mixed by Andy Sneap.
View the "As The Stages Burn!" trailer here

The setlist
Khaos Overture
Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
War Eternal - view video
Stolen Life
My Apocalypse
You Will Know My Name
Bloodstained Cross
Under Black Flags We March
As The Pages Burn
Dead Eyes See No Future
No Gods, No Masters
We Will Rise
Nemesis - view video
Fields Of Desolation

Produced & Directed by Patric Ullaeus
rEvolver Film Company AB

View the Making of "Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg"
In Flames interview about "Sound From The Heart Of Gothenburg"

The setlist
In Plain View
Everything's Gone - view video
Fear is the Weakness
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
With Eyes Wide Open
Paralyzed - view video
Through Oblivion
Delight and Angers
Cloud connected
Only for the Weak - view video
The Chosen Pessimist - view video here
The Quiet Place
When the World Explodes (feat. Emilia Feldt) - view video
Rusted Nail
The Mirror's Truth
Deliver Us
Take This Life - view video

Produced & Directed by Patric Ullaeus
rEvolver Film Company AB

The setlist
1. War of Kings
2. Hole In My Pocket
3. Superstitious
4. Scream of Anger
5. Last Look at Eden
6. Second Day
7. Firebox
8. Sign of the Times
9. Praise You
10. The Beast
11. Ready or Not
12. Girl From Lebanon
13. Nothin' To Ya - view video
14. Let The Good Times Rock
15. Rock The Night
16. Days of Rock N Roll
17. The Final Countdown

Produced & Directed by Patric Ullaeus
rEvolver Film Company AB

This concert which was captured at Sweden Rock Festival 7th of June 2013 is not only a massive greatest hits show in front of 30,000 people, it also marks the 30th anniversary of the bands existence. They celebrate this by playing 28 songs spanning their whole career including songs never before performed.

Between the heavy rock songs they also sit down for an emotional acoustic set which brings a unique intimate feel to this otherwise massive arena show.

To pay tribute to their own heroes they invite legendary guests artists Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) and Michael Schenker (UFO, MSG) to join them on stage.

Over two hours and forty minutes of concert footage, behind the scenes material and an exclusive interview with the band, makes this the definitive Europe Live DVD/Blu-Ray.
The release date 16th October 2013. View the concert here

The setlist
Riches To Rags
Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
Scream Of Anger
No Stone Unturned
New Love In Town
In The Future To Come
Paradize Bay
Girl From Lebanon
Prisoners In Paradise
Always The Pretenders
Drink And A Smile
Open Your Heart
Love Is Not The Enemy
Sign Of The Times
Start From The Dark
Wings Of Tomorrow
Seven Doors Hotel
The Beast
Let The Good Times Rock
Lights Out
Rock The Night
Last Look At Eden
Final Countdown - view video

Produced & Directed by Patric Ullaeus
rEvolver Film Company AB

On the occasion of their well-deserved time-out in 2012/13, after which the quintet will return stronger than ever, a testimonial of HAMMERFALL’s on-stage power in a DVD+2CD format will be released on November 30th. For this, the extraordinary 135 minutes long 15-year anniversary show that took place on the 28th of July on the historic open-air stage Dalhalla, built in an old quarry near the small Swedish village Rättvik, was captured on camera.
Oscar Dronjak comments: "The set contained 26 tracks and lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes, by far the longest and most comprehensive gig of our entire career! We played songs from every album and then some, there were lots of guests and pyros, and we had 80 Marshall cabinets and the big shield with the HF logo carved out in the middle hanging brought out of storage, all set in an extremely unique venue. You really have to see it to understand, this concert really captured the essence of HammerFall live in 2012 very well!"

Prominent guests included original HAMMERFALL line-up members Jesper Strömblad and Mikael Stanne, as well as ex-guitarist Stefan Elmgren, among others, which made the show unforgettable - also for the musicians themselves.
„Everything concerning this release is special: the venue, the occasion, the setlist, the guests. If you are going to celebrate something, do it properly, and this is exactly what we have done. HAMMERFALL with extra everything, 100% live, 0% bullshit“, says Oscar.
"Gates Of Dalhalla" is far more than just a live DVD/Blu-Ray: It’s the ultimate proof that the Swedes, after 15 years of bringing heavy metal to the people, still are the undisputed kings of their genre.

The setlist
Patient Zero
Heeding The Call
Any Means Necessary
Riders Of The Storm
Let's Get It On
Crimson Thunder
Blood Bound (Special Guest: Stefan Elmgren)
Last Man Standing (Special Guest: Stefan Elmgren)
Fury Of The Wild (Special Guest: Stefan Elmgren)
Drum solo: Anders Johansson
Always Will Be
Dia De Los Muertos
Steel Meets Steel (Special Guest: Mikael Stanne)
Threshold - view video
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Special Guest: Jesper Strömblad)
Let The Hammer Fall
När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (Special Guest: Roger Pontare)
Something For The Ages
The Templar Flame
Oh Fortuna (Special Guest: Team Cans)
Glory To The Brave (Special Guest: Team Cans)
One More Time (Special Guest: Team Cans)
HammerFall - view video
Hearts On Fire (featuring all Special Guests)

IN FLAMES ‘Used & Abused - In Live We Trust’
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
rEvolver Film Company AB

Disc 1
* Live at Sticky Fingers (90 minutes) 
01. F(r)iend 
02. The Quiet Place 
03. Dead Alone 
04. Touch Of Red 
05. Like You Better Dead 
06. My Sweet Shadow 
07. Evil In A Closet 
08. In Search For I 
09. Borders And Shading 
10. Superhero Of The Computer Rage 
11. Dial 595 – Escape 
12. Bottled 
13. Behind Space 
14. Artifacts Of The Black Rain 
15. Moonshield 
16. Food For The Gods 
17. Jotun 
18. Colony 
19. Pinball Map 
20. Only For The Weak 
21. Trigger 
22. Cloud Connected 

* Live at Hammersmith, London (40 minutes):
01. Pinball
02. System
03. Cloud Connected
04. In Search For I
05. Fucking Hostile
06. Behind Space
07. Quiet Place
08. Trigger
09. Touch of Red
10. My Sweet Shadow

* Soundtrack Tour - Live 
01. Only For The Weak
02. Clayman

Disc 2
* Live in Madrid 
01. System
* Live in Australia/Japan 
01. Dial 595 - Escape
* Soundcheck in London
01. Dial 595 - Escape
* Soundcheck in London 
01. Touch of Red

Promotional Videos:
01. F(r)iend – video 
02. My Sweet Shadow – video 
03. Touch of Red – video (extended DVD version) 
04. The Quiet Place – video 

* Jester TV – Universal Access (50 minutes):
- Interviews with band members 
- About the METALLICA show in Madrid
- Behind the "Quiet Place" video shoot
- Behind the "Touch of Red" video shoot
- Other videos: "F(r)iend", "Evil In A Closet"
- About the start of the "Soundtrack" tour 2004
- Summer festival
- "Like You Better Dead" at Metaltown
- About the Japanese Tour
- About the Australian Tour
- L.A. – Roxy
- About the Hammersmith concert
- About the JUDAS PRIEST Tour
- 666 at Scandinavium
- Backstage tour
- About the Sticky Fingers concert

Hidden Bonus Video
  1. "Episode 666" (Live at Sticky Fingers): To see this video you need to skip to the next chapter while watching "Clayman" from "Soundtrack Tour 2004". Alternately, jump to Title 4, Chapter 1.
  2. "Borders And Shading": To see this video you need to skip to the next chapter while watching "Dial 595 - Escape" from "Videos: Live in Australia/Japan". Alternately, jump to Title 8, Chapter 1.


mail-5 Swedish Death Metal, May 1, 2008
mail-6 (Bogotá, Colombia)

This review is from: Used and Abused...In Live We Trust (DVD)
I think this is one of the greatest Dvd's that i have bought... it has all that an In Flames Follower needs !! 

100% Attitude !!! 


mail-5 AMAZING, November 10, 2005

This review is from: Used and Abused...In Live We Trust (DVD)
I have owned this dvd for a few weeks now and i cant stop watching it. In Flames is a completely amazing band and this shows it more than anything else. all the concert footage and other footage including the 2 audio cd's included is a must have for any inflames fan or for anyone who hasn't goten to experience the wonders of In buy it right now, you'll be glad you did!

mail-5 I sure did Used And Abused this DVD, April 23, 2006
"mail-6 (Miami, Fl)

Anthony "Someone
This review is from: Used and Abused...In Live We Trust (DVD)
...In a good way folks don't worry ^_^ 

To start off I'd like to say that this is one of the best dvd's I've seen. It has everything you'd ask for. 

The setlist is great, the one thing that was awesome about the 3 setlists is the fact that in the second they play the whole Soundtrack To Your Escape album which is a big plus, It has their videos, behind the scenes footage, and a soundcheck section. 

A great DVD in my opinion, wether your just getting into them or you've been a die-hard fan from the beginning any fan of metal would love this DVD. Not to mention, their live performances are great!


mail-5 Finally... This is what I've been waiting for!, January 14, 2006

This review is from: Used and Abused...In Live We Trust (DVD)
I've anticipated an In Flames DVD for a very long time now. So when news reached my ears that they were releasing a DVD with not one but TWO live performances, included with a behind-the-scenes interview, I was ecstatic. "Used and Abused: In Live We Trust" arrived to me on Christmas morning, and I can say that my patience paid off. 

I'll start by reviewing the Hammersmith show, though I won't be doing it song by song. 

The set list is great here, equally spanning the old and new material. Anders & Co. storm the stage by opening with the classic "Pinball Map". The band's stage presence is exhilarating, even though Jesper doesn't move that much. The opener comes complete with pyro, the audience chanting the chorus, and an amazing sound mix. Moving on without tiring, In Flames pay their own special tribute to Dimebag Darrell by doing a ferocious cover of "F***in' Hostile" and picking up right into an ultra-melodic, breakneck rendition of "Behind Space". The crowd response is unbelievable here on thrashers like "In Search for I" and "Touch of Red", and the pyro, though used sparingly, adds a breathtaking touch to the show. (I get chills when they come in with the last chorus on "My Sweet Shadow".) Sound wise, the band couldn't be tighter. Jesper's and Bjorn's guitar harmonies are meticulously crafted, and played without mar or flaw. Daniel's drums sound amazing here, and his live performance, I thought, was underestimated. (It's odd how much he truly adds to In Flames for being such a simple drummer.) An awesome show, although a bit on the short side. (Only 40 minutes!) 

Sticky Fingers: 

There are two parts to this 90-minute show. Set I consists of the boys storming through the whole "Soundtrack to Your Escape" album. It's interesting to see how the album comes out live. It seems to have an added level of aggression, especially on bottom-heavy riff monsters like "Touch of Red" and the straightforward but catchy "Dial 595-Escape". Moreover, Anders' clean vocals seem stronger live than on the album. (See "The Quiet Place" for the best example.) Although the place of the show is small, (I believe Anders said it's only a 250-person club.) crowd reception and participation rivals, maybe even exceeds that of the Hammersmith show. The highlights on Set I include, "F(r)iend", "Dial 595- Escape", and "In Search for I". (Kudos to Daniel for awesome drumming on that track!) 

Set II spans old and new material. The guys open up with the melodic thrash attack of "Behind Space", followed by two absolutely classic songs from The Jester Race! Needless to say, it was amazing to hear these songs played in the modern In Flames style. My favourite part of this concert is hearing two of my favourite In Flames songs from the Whoracle album, with an added bite and edge. ("Jotun" sounds absolutely unbelievable here...) The songs from "Reroute to Remain" sound pretty good as well, but I believe they sounded fuller on the Hammersmith show. The Sticky Fingers is definitely exhilarating, and the best show of the DVD, in my opinion.

There are also two songs taken from the Soundtrack to Your Escape tour, "Only for the Weak" and "Clayman". Both of these classic songs sound absolutely amazing, and you'll get chills when you hear "Only for the Weak". The lights and pyro on this mini-show are amazing. 

And now for DVD 2... 

This second disc contains a 50-minute special named "Jester TV", which gives the fan a detailed account of the past year for the band. It shows the making of the videos for "Touch of Red" and "The Quiet Place", and very detailed accounts of the band's tours in Japan, Australia, and the US, and there are in-depth interviews with all of the band members. Also covered in this special is the Madrid show, when In Flames opened for Metallica. 

The next part of the disc consists of music videos. It includes all the videos from STYE, including an extended edition of "Touch of Red", and an "uncut" version of "The Quiet Place". Other videos include "System", "F(r)iend", "My Sweet Shadow", and "Dial 595-Escape" live from Japan. 

Lastly is the soundcheck chapter. It's a bit useless, but still cool. Here the band go through "Touch of Red" and "Dial 595-Escape". 

So, there ya go. A highly reccomended DVD to old and new fans of In Flames, and an absolutely incredible collection of live shows. 

Note: Hehe, just thought I would tell you about the "hidden" videos on the DVD's. On Disc 1, use your remote to jump to the 4th title, Chapter 1, to see a live version of "Episode 666" at the Sticky Fingers show. 

On Disc 2, jump to Title 8 (out of 10), chapter 1, to see a hidden music video for "Borders and Shading".


IN FLAMES ‘Come Clarity’ limited edition bonus DVD
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

The special edition of the album includes a special bonus DVD directed by Patric Ullaeus, featuring the band playing the album in its entirety.

01. Take This Life
02. Leeches
03. Reflect The Storm
04. Dead End
05. Scream
06. Come Clarity
07. Vacuum
08. Pacing Death’s Trail
09. Crawl Through Knives
10. Versus Terminus
11. Our Infinite Struggle
12. Vanishing Light

The album debuted at No. 1 in Sweden and No. 58 on the United States Billboard Charts; in the latter country, selling almost 25,000 copies in its first week, and 50,000 in its first month. Since its release the album has sold more than 150,000 copies in the United States. The album has also sold over 450,000 copies worldwide. This album has also won the award for Best Hard Rock Album in the 2007 Swedish Grammy Awards.

KAMELOT ‘One Cold Winter’s Night’
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

Product Description
One Cold Winter's Night was recorded on February 11th, 2006 at the historic Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway. Kamelot enlisted renowned film and video director Patric Ullaeus to chronicle the night's events. Arriving with him from Gothenburg, Sweden, Patric had a large crew of professionals and equipment including 18 cameras that would be used in and around the concert grounds. The title for the band's first DVD (based on an earlier Kamelot song title) was chosen long before the actual shoot. Ironically this winter turned out to be one of the longest and coldest in the country's history, with enormous amounts of snow and numerous chaos-causing blizzards. A very special thanks goes out to fans that had to wait in line before doors opened to the sold out show. We sincerely hope we managed to warm you back up!

DVD 1 - The Concert
1. Intro: Un Assasino Molto Silenzioso 
2. The Black Halo 
3. Soul Society 
4. The Edge Of Paradise
5. Center Of The Universe 
6. Nights Of Arabia 
7. Abandoned 
8. Forever 
9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Haunting 
11. Moonlight 
12. When The Lights Are Down
13. Elizabeth (Part I, II & III)
14. March Of Mephisto 
15. Karma 
16. Drum Solo 
17. Farewell 
18. Curtain Call/Outro

DVD 2 - Bonus Material
- Behind the Scenes
  - Band interviews
  - Making of The Haunting
- Up Close Interview with Thomas Youngblood at home
- Casey Grill at ddrum
  - Interview with Simone Simons from Epica
- Huge photo Gallery
  - Band Bio and Top 5
  - Discography
  The Haunting (videoclip)
March of Mephisto (videoclip)
March of Mephisto (uncensored videoclip)
Serenade (videoclip)
March of Mephisto live at Sweden Rock 2006 


mail-5 Instant classic!, February 9, 2007
mail-6 (SPRING, TX USA)

Sverre Amundsen
What an amazing concert DVD! I stumbled across Kamelot almost by accident. I was listening to streaming radio, and heard a few songs by them and was intrigued, so I bought the last two CDs. Holy [...], they were good, but even those didn't quite prepare me for this DVD. This is probably the best live performance I have ever seen. The sound quality is perfect, the musicianship is perfect, the energy is awesome, the theatrical effects are great. It simply doesn't get any better than this. The absolute highlight is the performance of "Abandoned", which gave me goosebumps as I was watching.

mail-5 Gods of power metal..., January 18, 2007
mail-6 (New York City)

Adam "Adam"
An amazing DVD, Very well put together,the artists themselves are very open, including a lot of information on their second disc. The concert itself brought back memories of my concert experience and it was an incredible thing to have on dvd. I've played this concert DVD more times than any of the movies I currently own and am in love with the singers amazing high pitched opera style voice. 
A powerful band, and an amazing disc. Very good stuff and lots of fun.

mail-5 great dvd, January 15, 2007
mail-6 (Muncie, IN USA)

Walter A. Rush "metal man"
one of the best made dvd's of its kind if you are a fan of Kamelot or new to the group this is something to see beautifully done

mail-5 One of my favorite concert DVDs, May 15, 2008
mail-6 (Berlin, CT United States)

Extremely well done all around with great sounds and visuals, showcasing the showmanship of the band members and capturing the excitement of the Norwegian audience! Great features on the second disc, too! Once you hear/watch Karma or Center Of The Universe, you'll get hooked and become an instant Kamelot fan, guaranteed!

mail-5 One of the best concert DVDs I own, December 7, 2006
mail-6 (Hampton, Virginia)

If you like great rock music, camera work, picture/sound quality and the voice of Roy Khan in top form, you've come to the right place. What's not to love? Plus the second disc is loaded with features that really give you insight into the band and the making of the DVD itself. This is a must buy for any Kamelot fan, especially for those like me, who have never seen them live.

mail-5 Power Metal As It Should Be, April 28, 2008
mail-6 (Singapore)

This is power metal as it should be. Watching Kamelot rocking on stage is a much superior experience to listening to the CD. The filming was beautifully done, capturing the mood perfectly. There is a story line to the show and the band moves from song to song effortlessly, keeping the excitement up even in the slower numbers like 'Abandoned'. Kahn's duet with Simone Simons of Epica on 'The Haunting' is flawless. Simone has such a charismatic stage presence at times it seems she might very well upstage Kahn! 
Not since Queen's Live at Wembley had I enjoyed and rocked so much to a live concert. Kamelot prove that they are the masters of their trade and this concert might very well go down as one of the defining moments of their history. 
Get it and rock your way to a great time.

mail-5 P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L !, July 21, 2007
mail-6 (USA)

Vintage Rocker
Prepare yourself to be blown away. This is the most phenomenal dvd concert footage I have ever seen. The musicianship, the videography, and the production are all excellent. The vocals are astounding and scale the highest echelons of rock. I had never heard of Kamelot or their music before this but after watching this concert, purchased the entire Kamelot catalog. I have also turned my several of my friends onto this band. 
If you like melodic/symphonic rock/metal I would highly recommend buying this dvd. A+ all the way. This should set the standard for how concert dvd's are made. ***** 

mail-5 Outstanding, July 2, 2007
mail-6 (Avon, IN USA)

This DVD does an excellent job of capturing the power and melody of a Kamelot concert. Both the audio and video quality are top notch, and Roy's voice really shines. The accompanying booklet is wonderfully designed, but lacks the lyrics for those who may not have all of Kamelot's catalog. In short, the DVD is a must-have for any Kamelot fan, and would function well to introduce the uninitiated.

mail-5 Right up there, March 5, 2007
mail-6 (Folsom, CA)

\m/ "PR"
Let me start with saying I am not a big Kamelot fan, not by choice, I may well be after this DVD, and I do own their albums, but really havent heard much, but now my cdp is playing Epica and Black halo over and over again ! 

After reading reviews for this dvd, I was curious to see why this dvd was getting so much praise. Basically, when it comes to concert dvd's, you can get bored in the first 10 minutes. I have had several dvd's which I just stop after 10 minutes or maybe just skip to the more popular songs. 

This dvd on the other hand is one of those that gets you hooked. I couldn't stop it, I had other stuff to do, but no, I just had to continue watching. The quality is of the highest standard, both audio and video. And the performance, great. I read so much about Kahn, and I was like "I don't get why people like him so much, how good can he really be". But damn, he is awesome. Highs, the lows, the flow, the feel, perfect. If you have interest in metal music of any sort, this dvd is a must own. 

Even for casual rock music listeners, you need to see this concert to realise what potential metal music has without being offensive, without swearing unnecessarily, without just singing about murder,death,and violence and bringing classical music elements into metal.

The direction, camera work, and lighting work are exceptional. I would have liked a few more explosions occasionally, but thats more because of the grandeur of the whole show, its not lacking as such. I only wish more artists would give this much importance on their dvd releases, and not just transfer the tape to a dvd and release it.

mail-5 Simply FANTASTIC!, February 28, 2007
mail-6 (NJ United States)

D. Crain "nanohead"
If you are a Kamelot fan, this is simply a must have. I am amazed at how well this is done. I actually saw the Black Halo concert in NYC at BB Kings last year, and this video is even better than seeing them live in many ways. The concert video is immaculate, sound is pretty decent (its never really that great on concert videos), and the extras are somewhat decent, if not somewhat limp and benign. 

But this is all about the Black Halo concert, plain and simple. Just amazing and perfectly captured and filmed. Its no wonder that Kamelot has risen to the top of the heap of progressive rock, metal and just about every other category one might place them in....

CHILDREN OF BODOM ‘Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live’
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

Patric Ullaeus is a Swedish director of music videos. He has directed several promotional videos of famous Metal bands of different styles. Ullaeus directed Children Of Bodom's promo video for Trashed, Lost & Strungout and also shot the promo pictures of the band for the release of the TRASHED, LOST & STRUNGOUT EP/DVD. 

When Children Of Bodom were looking for a director to film their gig in Stockholm on February 5th for the band's first DVD CHAOS RIDDEN YEARS - STOCKHOLM KNOCKOUT LIVE, they immediately wanted to work with Patric Ullaeus and his company Revolver Film, since the band was impressed by the work he had done for other bands' DVDs. He also directed the Making Of Stockholm Knockout Live video on the DVD. 

Concert tracklist:
Living Dead Beat
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!
We're Not Gonna Fall
Angels Don't Kill
Deadbeats I (drum solo)
Bodom After Midnight / Bodom Beach Terror - medley
Follow The Reaper
Needled 24/7
Clash Of The Booze Brothers (solo battle)
In Your Face
Hate Crew Deathroll
Are You Dead Yet?
Solo: Roope Latvala - Guitar
Lake Bodom
Everytime I Die

Total running time: 97 minutes


Promotional videos

Behind the Scenes

- Making Of Stockholm Knockout Live

The release of the Children’s first live DVD – “Chaos Ridden Years – Stockholm Knockout Live” in Autumn 2006. The massive show filmed in Sweden, at the Arenan in Stockholm, was directed by Patric Ullaeus of In Flames-fame, and proved to be one of the most successful DVD releases in Finland (Gold DVD status within one week), and certainly the most wanted live release of the year amongst metal fans!

mail-5 The Bodom experience, April 18, 2007
mail-6 (Talent, OR USA)  

Miranda Padgett "where art house meets b-movies"
This is an awesome DVD. It fully captures the energy of being at a Children of Bodom show, which is impressive in and of itself. It's a long set representing all of their albums, and I was happy to see that everyone in the band gets equal camera time. (I had been sort of afraid it would be the Alexi and Janne-only show.) There's also a really fun documentary, deleted scenes, and a handful of music videos. This DVD is STUFFED. If you're a diehard, buy this. It won't disappoint you.

mail-5 Must have for a COB Fan!, March 23, 2007
mail-6 (Dallas, Tx)   

N. Chelf
This is an amazing Children of Bodom DVD, Hardcore Fan or not. The video quality is amazing, Much better than what a lot of live DVDs look like. The band also has a great live show. I think it's the little things that makes this DVD so great though, Check out the Children of Bodom biography, Very interesting and very hilarious. A great insight to the guys behind the band. It also has all the promotional videos they've ever recorded. I've never been a Drummer but the section with Jaska's solos just blew me away and the section with the duel/harmonizing between Alexi (Guitars) and Janne (Keyboards) has to be one of the most awesome things I have EVER seen on a live DVD, Or a band do ever for that matter. To make it short, If you love the Hate Crew, Or their Genre, Get this DVD! You won't regret it.

mail-5 Alexi at his finest, December 13, 2006
mail-6 (Seattle, WA United States)

Chris Lund
This is a must-have for any fan of death, melodic metal! The live show is awesome and has great close-ups of Alexi ripping through solos. While the impact of the other members is small, they all get decent 'face time' and the production is top notch. All metalheads should have in their collection.

mail-5 Impressive, January 19, 2007

Paul Brinkworth
This Dvd was amazing. Children of bodom are one of the best live metal bands out there and this shows them at their finest. This DVD is very good


Reviewed by: eetfuk58, on november 19, 2007
Content: I have never been more pleased with a single DVD from any band. This DVD not only features a perfect selection of Children of Bodom's best songs but a full documentary and all of their music videos. This DVD has everything any Bodom fan could ever ask for! The concert is flawless, the biography of the band is not only very insightful but extremely funny at times. The amount of content on this DVD is definitely worth twice the price of the DVD.
Production Quality: This is a very professional DVD. The concert features many camera angles and really highlights the right person at the right time. During solo's Alexi is always shown, intros the keyboards are usually highlighted etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the production of the DVD.
Impression: Chaos Ridden Years is a phenomenal display of sheer talent by the Bodom crew. This DVD is proof that Bodom are a true force of nature and can put on one of the most impressive shows that I have ever seen. The visual effects used during the show are of epic proportions. Flames, lights, fog, and even half a car are used as props. The replay value of this disk is the best of any DVD I have ever owned, I watch parts of it almost ever day. I would definitely buy this DVD if I ever lost it! I can not recommend this DVD enough! // 10

Reviewed by: protestthehero8, on july 06, 2007
Content: If there was one DVD I could buy to have for the rest of my life, it would probably be the Children of Bodom: Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live DVD sitting to my left. Despite the long title which is agonizing to type, by the way, the DVD was put together flawlessly. The DVD is mind blowing. The DVD features a live set, I've watched this live set at least 300 times and I'm still not tired of it. In fact, I'm watching it right now. Anyways, the live set blows me away every time I watch it. The way they perform and interact with each other and the crowd on stage is just awesome. They don't look nervous, scared, or anything. They make it fun to watch. The behind the scenes really lets you know how much hard work goes into making a DVD and doing a live performance. Satisfaction is an understatement when it comes to this DVD. I just love watching it and I'm going to continue to love watching it for a long time.
Production Quality: The production quality is nothing short of flawless. The chose the right camera angles, shots, etc. If there was a solo, the camera was on Alexi, not venturing off somewhere else when all you want to do is watch the solo. They also have a camera set up in Jaska's drum set, which is a cool feature because you can watch him bust his balls close up.
Impression: There is no comparison to any other DVD here. There isn't a whole lot that comes close to being as good as this. The most impressive thing about the DVD has to be the amount of hard work and devotion the band put into making it, with performance and sound quality in a close second and third, respectively. There isn't anything I DON'T love about it. Everything is fun to watch and easy to enjoy. I can't really think of anything I hate, to be honest. Oh wait, yes I can. I wish the set list was longer. It's long enough already, but I just can't get enough Children Of Bodom. If something were to happen to this DVD, I wouldn't even bother looking for it, I'd just go get a new one right away. If you are a fan of Children Of Bodom or just a fan of heavy metal in general, this DVD is definitely for you. // 10

EVERGREY ‘A Night To Remember’
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

Disc 1
The setlist is over 120 minutes and features
End Of Your Days
More Than Ever
She Speaks To The Dead
Rulers Of The Mind
Blackened Dawn
Waking Up Blind
As I Lie Here Bleeding
Mark Of The Triangle
When The Walls Go Down
Harmless Wishes
Essence Of Conviction
Solitude Within
Recreation Day
For Every Tear That Falls
Touch Of Blessing
The Masterplan

In Bed With Evergrey (60 min)
Interview with the band
Promotional Videos

Filmed at the Grand Theater, Gothenburg, Sweden

mail-6 (Santiago, Chile)

carlos canales
The set list is well chosen, the musicians play very well, it feels and sound like all is REALLY live and the video definition is clear, top notch.They took a big risk with the gothic look of the concert (could have made all the show look grainy, pixelated and unwatchable), but the masterful use of lights prevent chaos from happening, and provides us fans of Evergrey with one good looking concert DVD.
The extras are HUGE and welcomed. Highly Recommended.

mail-5 all I can say is...WOW, July 28, 2005
mail-6 (Mn)

ktMitch "dtfan"
Thius is a masterpiece! I stumbled on Evergrey a year or so ago, and have since bought every cd. To see this video has me salivating to hear their next album and hoping to see them in concert. This is what a live DVD should be, every other band should take note. No B.S., no fancy lasers and flames...just raw power and pure music.This is rock...the only question is...why aren't they on the radio?

mail-5 A Must Have, June 24, 2005

I would classify myself as a causal Evergrey fan but I can verify that this DVD kicks ass. Let's begin with the music... the band picked a great night to record because they are dead on and extremely tight. I'm still having a hard time choosing a favourite tune because they're all awesome and there is quite a spectrum to choose from. Some are straight metal, some rock, some ballads, and occasionally a progressive groove is thrown in for good measure.

The video is very sharp and clear and the eerie lighting totally enhances the viewing experience. The video editing and camerawork is outstanding... it's not choppy like many concert DVD's that jump from one shot to another in a nanosecond, and it's nice when the camera is in the right place at the right time. Like camera on the guitar player during the guitar solo, duh! Again, outstanding work! The audio choices are stereo or DTS 5.1... DD 5.1 is not provided which is fine since both mixes sound great. Personally I like to hear a concert mix sound live and this does well to emulate that.

The packaging is great also... complete with a very cool slipcover and booklet. I have yet to see all the DVD extra's (about six hours long) and most of it, besides the videos, looks like it was recorded with a regular camcorder, so the sound and picture aren't great but there are some very humorous (almost Spinal Tap) moments, for example, the engineer explaining how he records each individual cymbal and drum in stereo with two mics.

All concert DVD's should have the complete uninterrupted concert, great video without choppy editing or crappy superimposed graphics, great sound with multiple audio mixes, great music, and interviews/chatter as extras (not rudely stuck in-between tunes). This DVD has all that... and is a must have.

mail-5 Incredible Night To Remember!!!!, May 20, 2005
mail-6 (Astoria, New York United States)

Elton Lee "Elsnake"
Yahoo!!! Finally it is in my hands!!! Wow!!! I just finished watching the entire concert.... Unbelievable sound, visual and performance!!!! From The Opener Blinded to the closer The Masterplan, the crowds were roaring and cheering all the way!!! Excellent stage performance and showmanship from the entire crew!!!! The 3 backup singers are awesome, enhancing the overall sounds of the band!!! Half way thru the show.. The string Quartet revealed themselves and was positioned in the middle of the stage..... This is when things gets even better... 5 band members, 3 backup singers and a string quartet.. When all of them combined, the sound is unbelievable!!! Evergrey band members played their unique part to make this night a great one to remember. Tom's wife Carina came out from the back to perform her vocals part for For Every Tear That Falls.. singing duet with her Husband!!! So so touching and will move you to tears.... Tom's vocals is ever emotional and his range is powerful... Guitars are heavy and yet melodic....You could see all of them headbanging except for Rikard Zander but still this an amazing DVD for fans to enjoy...
Oh.. (...) This is the best metal concert DVD I've seen. I truly liked this one because the environment and the settings of the concert hall is very cozy and intimate....Sound is crystal clear!!!! The 2nd disc features Music Videos, Interviews and back stage tour.... This is really a feast for Evergrey Fans!!! I am enjoying it so much!!! Get it now!!

TARA TERESA "Live At Scandinavium"
Produced & Directed by Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

's concert film "Live At Scandinavium"
Filmed at the Scandinavium Arena, Gothenburg, Sweden infront of 7.000 fans.
View a video teaser from the concert
The setlist features:
1. Don't Get Me Started

2. Part Of Me
3. Don't Be Mad
4. Suddenly
5. Wondering
6. Make Yourself Heard
7. Life Can Be So Beautiful
8. Pay For Lies

Promotional Videos
1. Wondering
2. Suddenly

DREAM EVIL ‘Gold Medal In Metal’ (Alive & Archive)
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

DREAM EVIL are not only the band feat. acclaimed Studio Fredman producer Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Hammerfall, etc.) on guitars, but also one of the most inspired and entertaining melodic Metal groups of our times. After 4 much lauded studio album releases, DREAM EVIL now bring you “Gold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)”, their first live-release as DVD and CD, including a comprehensive Bonus-CD compilation of more than an hour of quality rare and unreleased studio tracks.
The live DVD was recorded at a show in the band’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden by acclaimed
director Patric Ullaeus, Revolver Film Company (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot).

Gold Medal Disc – DVD
Live Maerd (67:45)
1. United
2. Blind Evil
3. Fire! Battle! In Metal!
4. In Flames You Burn
5. Crusaders' Anthem
6. Back From The Dead
7. Higher On Fire
8. The Prophecy
9. Made Of Metal
10. Heavy Metal In The Night
11. Let Me Out
12. The Chosen Ones
13. The Book Of Heavy Metal
14. Chasing The Dragon
15. Children Of The Night

Video-Clips (14:16)
- Fire! Battle! In Metal!
- Blind Evil
- The Book Of Heavy Metal

Interview with the Band (18:44)

Playing time of the DVD is over 100 minutes and are a complete guide into the vaults of DREAM EVIL and a trip to the core of true METAL at its very rockin’ best. “Gold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)” will be released all across Europe August 25th, 2008!
With high-profile tours and prestigious festival shows over the past years,
DREAM EVIL have established themselves as a super-reliable metallic force for all generations of quality-metal-fans and “Gold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)” is a summary of the band’s way to the top, awarding the gold medal for the DVD format (“Live Maerd”), the silver medal for the accompanying audio live album (“Alive”) and the bronze medal for the rare-materials disc (“Archive”). Last mentioned disc features over an hour of previously unreleased and rare material, including plenty of so far completely unheard or Japan-bonus-use only songs from the sessions for “The Book Of Heavy Metal” (feat. former band members Gus G. on guitar and Snowy Shaw on drums) or even earlier albums, some outtakes from the band’s latest studio opus “United” and also three brand new studio tracks recorded especially for this release in 2007.
DREAM EVIL’s journey through their splendorous past and a glimpse at their present on “Gold Medal In Metal (Alive & Archive)” will leave the listener impressed with the sheer quality compiled here and sporting a new, very efficient band-line-up in 2008, the future looks ultra-bright for DREAM EVIL and so they shall continue fighting the world for the final triumph of metal. Don't wimp out, STRIKE GOLD!

Dimmu Borgir ‘In Sorte Diaboli’ limited edition bonus DVD
Produced & Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

The album was specially released in a limited edition digipak that contains a bonus DVD, 32-page booklet, and mirrored lyrics. The European limited digipak and the mail order leather-bound book editions come with a plastic mirror with which one can properly read the lyrics. The North American limited edition does not contain this mirror. The DVD contains the video clip for "The Serpentine Offering", two "making of" documentaries for both the album and the video, a photo gallery, and a media player.


The Serpentine Offering video clip directed by Patric Ullaeus has won several awards including the Norwegian Grammy ‘Spellemann Priset’, Golden Gods Awards and been voted the Best Video of the Year by the readers of Europe’s biggest music magazine Metal Hammer.  

At The Gates The Making of ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ - Documentary
Directed by
Patric Ullaeus
Revolver Film Company AB

At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul: Jewel Case movie was released Sep 19, 2006 by the Earache studio.
This CD/DVD set includes their classic album plus a brand new exclusive 35 minute documentary which sees the band return to Studio Fredman with producer Fredrik Norstrom, as they reveal the full story of how their masterpiece was recorded. At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul: Jewel Case video The documentary was filmed by acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus, and the interview was conducted by Patrik Wiren.

The label have provided a link

Concert Film Productions

"When Children Of Bodom were looking for a director to film their gig in Stockholm for the band's first DVD, they immediately wanted to work with Patric Ullaeus"

"this is one of the best dvd's I've seen. It has everything you'd ask for."

"Kamelot enlisted renowned film and video director Patric Ullaeus to chronicle the night's events. Arriving with him from Gothenberg, Sweden, Patric had a large crew of professionals and equipment including 18 cameras that would be used in and around the concert grounds."

"I can verify that this DVD kicks ass"

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