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Specializes in the production of prestigious cutting edge music videos, commercials, still photography, TV-productions and interactive media. We love to bring our cameras around the world to help people reach their visual goals.

SHOWREEL | director Patric Ullaeus |

We shoot both big and small productions.
Mail us and we'll get back to you to discuss your project.

Honda Africa Twin 'True Adventure Gotland' | Launch film
Honda Sweden AB
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

rEvolver has grown to become the leading music video production company setting industry standards for quality and innovation. We strives to provide unique creative production packages tailored to the marketing and budgetary needs of its clients. We are a full-service production company.

Studio rental. You can rent our unique film/photo studios + backyard locations, located in an old industrial area in Gothenburg. A must see for all creators - mail for more info

SEPTEMBER 'Resuscitate Me' |
Music video
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

Some of the bands we work with:
In Flames, Europe, September, Amaranthe, Sonic Syndicate, Firewind, Hammerfall, Sirenia, Eric Saade, Arch Enemy, Indica, Mnemic, Dream Evil, Evergrey, Dimmu Borgir, Leaves' Eyes, The Unguided, Children Of Bodom, Kamelot, Enslaved, Freak Kitchen, Kane, Dia Psalma, Passenger, The Great Deceiver, Tiamat, Chrome Division, Union Square, M.A.N, Miscounduct, Nitro Dive, TSOOL, Enforcer, Grand Magus, Bro'Sis, Rollergirl, Pappa Bear, Toni Cottura, Nana, ATC, Hot Banditoz, Pachanga, Groove Coverage, Alex C feat Yasmin K, Tanya Stephens, Daniel Lemma, Daisy Dee, Brooklyn Bounce, Lutricia McNeal, Emilia, Dilba, Jonestown, David Tainton, The Tuesdays, D'Sound, Will Powa, Tara, Markus Anthony, AK Swift, Infinite Mass, Stonefunkers, Pandora, Laava, Siesto, Ray Horton, Rednex, Los Reyes Latino, Ace Of Base, Sasha, Inner Circle, Wayne Wonder, The Underdog Project, Scooter, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation

IN FLAMES 'Deliver Us' | Music video
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

“We have no clients, just strong, long-lasting relations with artists, bands, managements & labels.”

Labels we work for:

Universal Music, Warner Music, BMG, Sony Music, Century Media Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Virgin Records, Zomba, Motor Music, Edel, Polydor, EMI, Kontor Records, Polygram, Urban Records, Ferret, Arcade, Sonet, MCA, Epic, Ministry Of Sound, East West, Peaceville Records, Inside Out Music, Spinefarm Records, SPV, Napalm Records

EUROPE 'Not Supposed To Sing The Blues' | Music video
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

rEvolver represents critically acclaimed, award winning director Patric Ullaeus. The company serve as a platform from which his music video & photography services are offered. Patric Ullaeus is one of the most prominent contemporary music video directors of today.

Patric Ullaeus
His cinematic styles, vivid imagination and fervent vision have taken him around the world working with a lot of talented artists.
He has been honored with several
domestic and international awards for excellence in filmmaking including Spellemann Awards, Swedish Metal Awards, Golden Gods Awards, Grammis, Clip among others.

'The All New Volvo V70' | Launch film
SCP | Volvo Car Corp.
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

Arena Sweden - The Movie
Directed by
Patric Ullaeus

Controlling The Battlefield
Gripen Internationell
Directed by
Patric Ullaeus

This film was made for the manufacturer
Gripen International as a commercial for their Fighter Jet - JAS 39C Gripen.

It had its premier with GRIPEN International's  debut at the Dubai Air Show. The film features the new generation GRIPEN FIGHTER in spectacular action demonstrating its multi-role airborne defence capabilities. 

Awarded director Patric Ullaeus and producer Ulf ZieglerFor Creative Excellence" for their film "Controlling the Battlefield" for the Fighter Jet 39C GRIPEN in the category: Advertising, Sales, Sales Promotion, Marketing, Product General Audience

The film was also awarded for its Music Score that was specially composed by platinum selling producer Kee Marcello

1.500 commercials from 27 different countries were in this competition.

'Ett Gränslöst Västsverige' | Vision film
Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

STCC 'Finalen' | TV commercial
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

- check the archive for more film


Examples of our work


- launch film for the all new Volvo V70

GUS G (Ozzy Osbourne)
- photo session
- promo photos
- magazine covers


Album cover for SEPTEMBER [US]
- music video
- photo session
- CD cover
- booklet photos
- single covers
- promo photos
- art work single
- art work CD
- poster
- behind the scenes material
- flash banners for the web
- TV-commercial

- television series

- full DVD production
- worldtour
- concert film
- Jester TV



- international marketing campaign
- a 100-page hardcover book
- vehicle graphics
- bus ads
- newspaper ads
- photos
- posters
- film
- website design

- music video
- photo session
- CD cover
- single cover
- booklet photos
- promo photos
- behind the scenes material

- photo session
- compositing
- bus ad
- magzine ad

- photo sessions
- full dvd production
- poster
- promo pictures
- book design/print

Single cover for EUROPE

Album cover for NITRODIVE

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    Legal basis for processing your personal data
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Your rights
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You have the right to:
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Please contact us at in order to request a register abstract, a correction or erasure of your personal data.
Is your personal data being  processed in a safe manner?
We establish procedures and working methods for your personal data to be processed in a safe and secure manner. The basis is that only employees and those individuals within our organisation who need the personal data in order to carry out their work tasks shall have access to it.
Our security systems are developed with focus on privacy and afford a very high level of protection against intrusion, erasure and other alterations that may imply a risk to your privacy.
We do not transfer personal data in cases other than those expressly stated in this Policy.
When do we disclose your personal data?
Our premise is not to disclose your personal data to third parties unless you have consented to it, or if it is not necessary in order to fulfil our legal or contractual obligations. In cases where we do disclose personal data to third parties, we establish personal data privacy agreements, and ensure that personal data is processed in a safe manner. We will not sell on your personal data to any third party.
Personal Data Controller
rEvolver Film Company AB is the Personal Data Controller, which implies that we are responsible for how your personal data is processed and how your rights are maintained.
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