INSAMMER | behind the scenes


BROTHERS OF METAL "Prophecy Of Ragnarök"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

InSammer | premiere

300.000 views within two days after the premiere, this is the new music video "Forsaken By God" with InSammer directed by Patric Ullaeus.

RUSSIA | location check

Patric Ullaeus in Russia checking locations.


Photo by Patric Ullaeus |


Coming soon…

AMARANTHE | 3 Gold Records

Amaranthe and director Patric Ullaeus were rewarded with 3 gold records for their work on the Amaranthe and the Maximalism releases

BROTHERS OF METAL | music videos

The rEvolver Team went to Falun to film 2 videos with Brothers of Metal.

TV SHOW | in the making

Director Patric Ullaeus continues to film for the upcoming TV-Pilot. This time at Anders Lack Center i Forshaga.

EVERGREY | photography

Evergrey came to the studio to take promo pictures for their upcoming release.

FALLEN ARISE | new video

Fallen Arise came to the rEvolver Studios to work with director Patric Ullaeus and his team on their new music video and photos.

IN SAMMER | new video

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.23.28_Snapseed
Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.41.30_SnapseedScreen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.39.38_SnapseedScreen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.26.26
New video in the making.

AMARANTHE | premiere

AMARANTHE "Countdown"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

ARCH ENEMY | 25 million views

Taken from Arch Enemy:
Our official video for "The World Is Yours" has reached over 25 million views on YouTube! We can't thank you enough for your support - this means a lot to us! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes movie from the making of the video, courtesy of our video director Patric Ullaeus! Watch "The World Is Yours":


Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

rEvolver Studios | photography & film studio rental


ARCH ENEMY | 30 million views

Taken from Arch Enemy:
The video for “The Eagle Flies Alone” has now reached over 30 million views on YouTube! Thank you all for your support! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes movie from the making of the video, courtesy of our video director @patricullaeus ! Watch the full video on our YouTube channel!

REDEMPTION | concert film

In Atlanta shooting a concert film for the upcoming Redemption Blu-Ray/DVD release.

CALADRIUS | pain trailer

Here is the Caladrius trailer about pain.

IN FLAMES | photo

Photo by Patric Ullaeus

CEVT | the future

Finished the work on a new film for CEVT. This was a fun film to create together with MFX.

NORTHVOLT | animation film

Northvolt wanted us to make them an animated film showing their batteries.

AMARANTHE | making the video

Follow Amaranthe, director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver Team when they create the music video for "365". Full video in The Behind Scenes Section.

LAST UNION | music video

LAST UNION came from Italy to Gothenburg to work with director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver team on their new video.

AMARANTHE | in the making...


SVT | det stora racet


Photo by Patric Ullaeus for SVT

Patric Ullaeus has been working as a photographer on the new TV-series Det Stora Racet that will be aired on SVT with start the 4th of September. Produced by Fremantle Media.
Pressrelease in Swedish: Fyra folkrace-team bjuder in varsin kändis till en annorlunda sommar med mekande, bensinångor och fartfylld action vid tävlingsbanor runt om i Sverige. Kan Magnus Wislander, Elisa Lindström, Kodjo Akolor och Ellen Bergström bli folkrace-proffs? Programledare: Erik Ekstrand.

AMARANTHE | premiere

Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

"The band has found a new expression that reflects the new album. We are happy to exclusively be able to share the first single from it! '365' is the beginning of another new era, that leads us into the 10th year as Amaranthe. We can not get enough of the moments that immortalize our unit. 365 and a day, that's how you know...
It was great to be back with Patric as a director for the video. Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come very soon," says Elize Ryd.
"'365' is everything that Amaranthe stands for in 2018; fresh, innovative and with an extra dose of heaviness and raw strength! As a very first taste of 'HELIX', the song powerfully declares that we are not slowing down, nor getting stale, but constantly renewing the definition of Amaranthe, while staying very true to our core sound. Being back working with Patric Ullaeus again was as natural as it was inspiring, and resulted in a take no prisoners, no holds barred video, and shows off the band from a more raw side than ever before. Amaranthe is back - and how do you know? '365' and a day - that's how you know," exclaimed guitarist Olof Mörck.

ARCH ENEMY | in the making

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 15.44.08
Stay tuned…

CEVT | the future

Working on a new film for CEVT.


Working on a new film about pain with the awesome people at Caladrius.

SHADOWQUEST | music video

ShadowQuest came to Gothenburg to work on their new music video with director Patric Ullaeus.

IN FLAMES | Borgholm Brinner

Director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver crew has start working on a documentary for In Flames - Borgholm Brinner Festival.

TV SHOW | in the making

Director Patric Ullaeus is working on a new TV-show in Åmål. More info soon.

REDEMPTION | Someone Else's Problem

IN FLAMES | new stuff is coming up

Awesome time in the studio with the mighty IN FLAMES.

REDEMPTION | music video

Having fun with Redemption in LA.

AMARANTHE | music video & photos

Amaranthe came to the rEvolver studio to work with director Patric Ullaeus and his team on their new music video and photos.

SIX FOOT SIX | music video

SIX FOOT SIX is shooting their new music video with director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver Team.

EUROPE | premiere


DIMMU BORGIR | premiere

DIMMU BORGIR "Council Of Wolves And Snakes"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

INSAMMER | premiere

InSammer "Seeds" directed by Patric Ullaeus reached 1.000.000+ views the first week on Youtube.

AT THE GATES | premiere

AT THE GATES "To Drink From The Night Itself"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

At the Gates have returned with a new song and music video, "To Drink From the Night Itself." It's the title track from the Swedes' seventh album, due out May 18th via Century Media Records.
"To us, this gives a presentation of the attitude of the album: raw, hungry, and desperate," frontman Tomas Lindberg comments. "It also gives an introduction to the whole concept of the record. We live through our art, and the whole album deals with the concept of art. Art as a tool either for revolution, or suppression. To drink from the night itself is just that, a metaphor for living and breathing through art."
"Of course," he continues, "the concept goes deeper than that, but this song is the heart of the concept, the fierce call to arms so to say. We are still at war, but this time we are fighting the abyss, the abyss of apathy and oppression. It is an aggressive song, but also contains a lot of the other elements of the band's sound on this record. Melancholia, desperation and struggle."

With regards to the accompanying performance clip, Lindberg adds: "For the first video, we chose to use director Patric Ullaeus again, as he is good at capturing the raw energy of the band playing live. In the video you can also see glimpses of the art used for the cover, so it binds it all together nicely. Enjoy."

DIMMU BORGIR | premiere

Dimmu Borgir "Interdimensional Summit"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus

INSAMMER | 1.000.000+ views in a week

InSammer "The System"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus

ICELAND | new projects


INSAMMER | in the studio

InSammer2_InSammer in the studio working with director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver team.


Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

DIMMU BORGIR | music video

DIMMU BORGIR in the studio working with director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver Crüe on their new music video.

AT THE GATES | music video & photos

AT THE GATES came to Gothenburg to film and take promo pictures with director/photographer Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver team.

ARCH ENEMY | filming


JAMIE MEYER | premiere

  • See Jamie Meyer's dark but important "Nothing' On You" video (exclusive premiere)
Jamie Meyer's new music video for "Nothin’ on You" sheds light on domestic abuse. The video — shot in Gothenburg, Sweden, and premiering exclusively on Taste of Country — finds a young woman calling on a friend for comfort after suffering at the hands of another during a domestic dispute.
While the video tells the dark story of an abusive relationship, by the close of the clip the victim is one step closer to finding happiness again, but on her own.
"Nothin' on You" was written by Meyer and Bridgette Tatum. Meyer, who splits his time between Nashville and Sweden, recalls how he was set up to write with Tatum by publisher, songwriter, guitarist and producer Johnny Garcia. The two songwriters quickly hit it off and penned what would become Meyer's latest single.
"We clicked really well and had a sexy ballad called 'Nothin' on You' written in a couple of hours," Meyer tells Taste of Country. "After texting Johnny the work tape and hearing his reaction — 'That chorus killed me, let's record the song' — I knew we had made something special!"
Meyer further explains that he wanted to create a meaningful video to go with the track. While the power ballad's chorus is catchy, the track's striking lyric paints the picture of someone taking the trouble off another's shoulder: "Baby give it all to me / You can’t take it on alone / Let me be your place / Where you can let it all fall," he sings.
"Domestic abuse has always been something I've wanted to shine a light on. Women in my family have experienced and suffered from it," Meyer shares. "We all know someone who has experienced domestic violence in all parts of the world, so I set out to make a video that has substance and can make people stand up and speak out, but at the same time be intimate."
The video was directed by
Patric Ullaeus and stars actress Emma Johnsson. Shot in Sweden, they also garnered a cameo from local police in Gothenburg to help add to the storyline.

INSAMMER | music video & photos

InSammer came to the studio to shoot their new video and take photos with director/photographer Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver Crüe.


EUROPE | in the making


EVERGREY | concert film

A teaser from EVERGREY's concert in their hometown Gothenburg filmed by director Patric Ullaeus and his rEvolver team.

InSammer | in the studio

Test shooting with InSammer in the studio for their upcoming video and photo session.

IN FLAMES | photos

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 23.34.57
Head over to Patric Ullaeus Instagram account to check out his photos from In Flames' awesome show!

IN FLAMES | Before I Fall

Director Patric Ullaeus filmed IN FLAMES in their hometown Gothenburg.

MATT GUILLORY | in the making

Matt Guillory came to Sweden from California to work with director Patric Ullaeus on his new promo pictures and music video.

EUROPE | trailer

Trailers for the upcoming documentary "Europe at Abbey Road" filmed when the band recorded their new album "Walk The Earth" in this legendary London studio. Directed by Patric Ullaeus.

ARCH ENEMY | premiere

Arch Enemy "The Race"
Directed by Patric Ullaeus

Founding member Michael Amott commented: "This was actually the last song written for the 'Will To Power' album. Listening through all the material we had up to that point we agreed that the album needed one more song that would be a relentless and fast paced counterpoint to some of the more epic compositions we already had. We sent Alissa the music and she came up with a thought provoking set of lyrics with an intense vocal arrangement that complemented the music perfectly. We've been having a blast playing this song on the current tour and we had our video director Patric Ullaeus come out to capture the mayhem at our recent show in Helsinki, Finland... Enjoy 'The Race'!"

rEvolver Film Company

Specializes in the production of prestigious cutting edge Music Videos, TV-Productions and Photography.

rEvolver has grown to become the leading music video production company setting industry standards for quality and innovation.

We strives to provide unique creative production packages tailored to the marketing and budgetary needs of its clients.

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We are a full-service production company.

38916138_2095058280568830_5250984057826705408_nrEvolver Studios is the premiere full-service photography & film studio rental in Gothenburg, located in an old industrial area just 10 minutes away from the Central Station. It is owned and operated by creative professionals who understand your needs.
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We represents, award winning director Patric Ullaeus. The company serve as a platform from which his directing, filming and photography services are offered.

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Patric Ullaeus has more than 800.000.000 views of his work on YouTube and is one of the most prominent contemporary music video directors of today. His cinematic styles, vivid imagination and fervent vision have taken him around the world working with a lot of talented artists.

Patric Ullaeus 2015 small
Ullaeus has been honored with several domestic and international awards for excellence in filmmaking including Spellemann Awards, Swedish Metal Awards, Golden Gods Awards, Grammis, Clip among others.

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"The man, the myth, the concept...
Patric Ullaeus always deliver!!!"

Anders Fridén, IN FLAMES

"When it comes to the visuals, he’s our man. When I think that I want us to look like a million dollars, I think of Patric."

"We immediately felt that we needed some sort of storyline that would graphically show the frustration of the main character in the song. We knew that the director who could make this happen was Patric Ullaeus"
Tom S Englund, EVERGREY

"It was a very enjoyable shoot and the visuals work great with the music – Patric Ullaeus is the man!”
Michael Amott, ARCH ENEMY

"We worked with Patric Ullaeus who has a big name in the scene, producing videos for many great metal acts. We are very satisfied with the end result and we look forward to share the video with all of you”
Morten Veland, SIRENIA

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Elize Tyd by Patric Ullaeus _theNexus
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Elize Ryd  Patric Ullaeus Gold award
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Tara Teresa
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